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Please collect the specimen using a 14 needle.

Multiple passes will be required to obtain sufficient viable tumor cells to allow for testing of a broad panel of agents.

Expel the sample between passes into a small, sterile vessel containing Ringers’ solution (use non-D5 Ringers).

Pour the combined rinse liquid and specimen into the sterile transport vial that contains the Weisenthal Cancer Group solid Tumor transport media.

Seal the inner and outer transport vials securely.

Keep the specimen cool prior to shipment.

When packing the sample for shipment, please include the frozen cold packs that are provided in the Weisenthal cancer Group specimen transport kit.  These should have been held in the freezer prior to use.

If the cold packs provided in the specimen transport kit were not held in the freezer and are therefore not frozen at the time the specimen is shipped, please try to find and substitute cold packs elsewhere in the medical facility that are frozen.  

Cold packs should be frozen in a standard (minus 20C)  freezer.  Please do NOT freeze the cold packs in a minus 70C laboratory freezer.  

Do not freeze the specimen.

Do not use dry ice for shipping.

Please ship the the specimen on the same day it is collected.