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We emphasize that, in all cases, you should phone us a minimum of two days prior to the biopsy procedure so that we can send proper specimen collection and transport medium and other materials.  Our transport medium contains multiple ingredients required to sustain cell viability. 

In an emergency and depending upon the circumstances, it is possible that other methods or materials could be substituted.  However, we cannot guarantee that these will produce acceptable results.  If you do not have our collection and transport materials, please phone us at (714) 596-2100 before the surgery or biopsy and we will suggest an alternative method which affords the best chance for success.  Alternative methods vary, depending upon the specimen type, cancer type, and other factors. 


Do NOT place the specimen in Formalin.

Do NOT place the specimen in normal saline.

Do NOT place the specimen in RPMI.

Do NOT place the specimen in cell culture or transport media from a different laboratory.

If absolutely necessary, hold the specimen UNDER REFRIGERATION in a sterile, closed container in non-D5 Ringer’s solution.

COLD Ringer's is best, if available.

Please note again to use NON-D5 Ringer’s solution.

Do NOT freeze the specimen.

Please phone us at (714) 596-2100 for further instructions.